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The Fuller Conversations February Series: 

Climate Conversations: Language and the Climate Crisis

Talking about climate change, and examining the language we use to do so, is one of the most important first steps in changing our behaviors.  This short series will draw on ideas found in Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake and Katherine Hayhoe's recently-released Saving Us. Atwood's book offers a compelling look at how language abused can lead to all manner of other abuses. And Hayhoe writes, "The most important thing every single one of us can do about climate change is talk about it—why it matters, and how we can fix it—and use our voices to advocate for change within our spheres of influence."  Together, we will think critically about language used to describe and interact with the environment, and consider practical ways to raise our own voices in advocacy.   As with all our series, the promise is "no homework."  Each session will provide context for discussion, and while reading can enrich your experience and offer new ideas to consider, it is not required.  The registration fee covers the entire 4-week series, which begins on Feb. 3 and ends Feb. 24. 


Reading is optional but certainly not discouraged.  Most texts can be found at the library or will be provided.  

*Note that a portion of all registration fees goes towards supporting the creative work of women in our area. 

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