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About Us

Encouraging women to realize their fullest selves.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Margaret Fuller was a 19th century scholar, transcendentalist, and women’s rights advocate.  She published The Dial for a brief time, and though you likely didn’t learn about her in school, she worked with Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and HD Thoreau.  She spoke several languages and studied classics, but she was not allowed to matriculate to Harvard because of her sex.  Like women before and after her, she worked around that system while she worked to change it.  For a time, she hosted what she called “Conversations” in her home, where she encouraged women to ask big questions about themselves and about their work in the world.  Topics ranged from mythology and fine arts to history and the natural world.  Their central questions were, “What are women to do and how are we to do it?”  Today,  women have many opportunities, but Fuller’s unspoken question still lingers—how am I to realize my fullest self in a culture that still consistently undervalues women?  

Our Vision

 The Fuller Conversations offers an opportunity to explore questions of intellect and action.  The in-person series probes questions of intellect and faith while building a community of support.  The word “fuller” gestures of course to Margaret herself, but it also indicates a deeper mode of expression—in these gatherings, we hope to allow space for curiosity, imagination, and growth. No outside work is required, and all material will be presented during the sessions.  Participants are welcome to engage in resources beyond the sessions, but these sessions are designed with busy people in mind. The online resources challenge you to think deeply about the world around you and to add your voice to the conversation. 


If you would like to join an in-person session, please check out the upcoming topics and complete a registration. 

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